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Is security a good idea, or am I just being paranoid?


Security for the safety of your family, self and your property is a modern necessity in T & T.  No longer a luxury.


Well trained & equipped to perform our duties.


You need a unit that is both ready for any event and equipped to deal with issues should the need arise.

World Class quality with local & regional access.


We at M.T.A.C. offer  you  a range of  World Class quality services as outlined by international security and safety control standards.


Teamwork & Communication are keys to our success.


Every client that we have becomes a valuable asset to us here at M.T.A.C. Security Ltd.   We take Security Seriously...

And you can rest assured;  that we at M.T.A.C. protect our assets.  



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MTAC is a security driven company with a global reach providing its clients with a secure environment in which to operate locally, regionaly, and globally.

Our  cooperate portfolio is excellent and we are  currently growing into a more efficient  security service provider on the Southern Caribbean .


Asset protection, safety & risk management of your person, property & information.  



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20 years of experience are yours to call upon.



MTAC’s approach to security is a simple and effectual two-fold approach: Do everything you can to prevent a problem before it occurs and have the fastest and most effective response when necessary. Over 20 years of collective experience has given the MTAC team the foresight to protect, the skills to respond, and the mind-set to handle each situation with courtesy and correctness politically and legally.


MTAC capabilities are designed to exceed your company’s expectations and to protect your human, property and intellectual assets. We can work seamlessly with your existing security team or provide security.


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#10 Tarouba  Road,


San Fernando.

Trinidad. WEST INDIES.


Phone: 1(868) 221-6812

Fax:       1(868) 221-5367


e-mail: mtacsecurityservices.tt@live.com



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